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Bragelonne is the French leading publisher in genre fiction – Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Horror, Thriller… Still growing after 19 years, Bragelonne has efficiently expanded in the last years with pop culture projects, comics (under the HiComics label), non-fiction (Hauteville), juvenile fiction (Castelmore), women’s fiction and feel-good books (Milady). Building on this achievement, Bragelonne is now more and more turning towards literature through its new imprint, Stéphane Marsan.


Rights Representatives

Rights Director

Ms. Yolande Rochat de la Vallée


Publishing Director

Ms. Claire Renault-Deslandes


German language for all titles: Editio Dialog
Mr Michael Wenzel –

Russia and Central and Eastern Europe for all titles: Anastasia Lester
Mrs Anastasia Lester –

Korean rights for all titles: Danny Hong Agency
Mr Danny Hong –