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Alice in Wonderland illustrated
Daniel Cacouault
Alice in Wonderland illustrated
Pop Culture
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Alice in Wonderland revisited in magnificent paintings by a French artist

Snoozing by a river bank, a book open by her side, Alice soon finds herself following a rabbit in a hurry who leads her into a magic universe where she meets all kinds of strange creatures. She must endeavour to regain her normal size and finds herself asking all sorts of questions about her true nature and existence.

The story of a girl who dreams about growing up without ever becoming an adult.

This perfectly sums up the approach of the artist Daniel Cacouault and how he was inspired by this literary classic. He has produced a score of oil paintings carefully reproduced in this coffee table book. They are impregnated with the richness of Carroll’s text while providing further proof that Alice in Wonderland is much more than a simple children’s tale.

About the author

Daniel Cacouault
Daniel Cacouault, an illustrator, concept artist, and artistic director, has been active in the fields of graphic novels, animation, cinema and video games for more than thirty years. He has worked for Dreamworks, Disney, and Netflix, and teaches visual rhetoric. Many of his works have been inspired...